The client was not too thrilled about the A/C compressor

Every once in a while, a client becomes severely frustrated when they hear news that is not excellent.

I have been in the same position and I know it is a serious blow to acquire news that is not excellent.

Recently, our boss sent myself and others to a residential AC service appointment. I went to the same address numerous weeks before to service another problem with the AC equipment. The component was roughly 9 years old and I suggested replacing the air compressor at that time. The client did not have the money to replace the air conditioning equipment, so we easily did our best to make the repair. I went to the same address to find the same problem they were having before. This time around, a service could not be made and I told the client that the air compressor absolutely must be replaced. The lady was kind of angry and she actually accused myself and others of breaking the HVAC equipment. I tried to explain the concerns with the AC equipment, but she wasn’t trying to listen to anything I had to say. After 10 minutes of arguing with the client about the price for the air compressor, she finally paid the bill for the quote and easily stated that she would call multiple sites to find a price that was way better. Yesterday in the morning hours, the same lady called again and she wanted an estimate for a new air compressor installation. I knew she would come back sooner or later. Every one of us has the most amazing prices and equally wonderful service. Every one of us even meets any other price and then cuts it by a good percent. It would be pretty crazy for the lady not to use our services.


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