The new guy in town

We recently got a new neighbor here right next door.

  • He just bought the house and moved in.

He is a really cool person and super nice! Not to mention, he is an independent heating and air conditioning specialist. Imagine that. Having a heat and a/c specialist living right next door! Also, because of this fact, I signed up for his heating and air conditioning monthly service plan that he has. It is a real steal of a deal and covers all kinds of HVAC work. And also, in the event of a heating and air conditioning system emergency, unless he is out on another call, I will never have to pay for emergency HVAC service since he lives right next door and could walk over to take care of any emergency HVAC system breakdowns! Having this new neighbor is more than anyone could have asked for. I have searched for years to be able to have a reliable independent heating and air conditioning contractor to take care of all my heat and a/c needs, and now I have that by sheer luck. And believe me, I will not take advantage of this fact. He will be paid exactly the same as any other customer. I never asked for any kind of discount or expect any kind of special treatment just because he’s my neighbor. Sure we have a friendship going, but that doesn’t matter. Work is work and friends are friends. I keep it away from each other. It is best that way.

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