The tattoo shop did not have any AC

Last month, our friends as well as I went to the beach for Springtime break; It was a lot of fun, despite the fact that I made some drastic mistakes, then my judgment was impaired because I was spending all afternoon drinking in the hot sun.

I wasn’t thinking clearly when I walked into that tattoo shop 1 night as well as proposed a tattoo of a dragon with a naked lady carrying a sword.

My friends were with me, but none of them decided to speak up as well as stop me from doing something horrible stupid. The tattoo shop was dingy as well as dirty as well as it did not have any AC. There was an A/C component in the back of the location, but it wasn’t running. I don’t know the A/C machine absolutely worked. The owner of the tattoo shop was a burly as well as large woman with a large gut, however she spoke with an accent as well as I couldn’t understand most of the things she said. The fan above our head was the only thing to keep me cool while I endured the numerous hour tattoo. I woke up the next afternoon with a few memories of the previous night, but when I moved our arm, I felt the painful swelling from the tattoo. I thought it was a terrible dream, but our reality was absolutely a big nightmare. When our Dad saw the tattoo, she nearly fainted, however she told me not to do anythign stupid on Springtimes break. Instead, I decided to get a tattoo of a naked lady riding a dragon on our forearm. My girlfriend wasn’t honestly gleeful with the tattoo choice either.


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