A bad but good holiday

But never the less, the hotel understood our discomfort

Me and my family went on a vacation not too long ago. As a matter of fact it was just this past summer. The vacation itself was really great. We all spent quality family time together and we were able to have a whole lot of fun. But at the same time, the vacation was nearly killed because of what we had to deal with in the hotel we were staying in! It was a pretty hot summer and the central heating and air conditioning system in the hotel was not working right. The air conditioning was pretty weak to say the least. Me and my family always enjoy and need quality air conditioning wherever we go. And this hotel was not delivering quality air conditioning for us! The air conditioning actually worked. But in the hotel room it would get a bit too hot when we were trying to sleep a lot of nights. It was almost like the air conditioning was not coming out of the air vents properly. The possibly needed to have their ductwork cleaned or maybe even have the air filters changed in the central heating and air conditioning system. In a lot of hotels sometimes they don’t actually change the air filters as often as they should be changing the air filters. I know this from a friend of mine who used to work at a hotel. But never the less, the hotel understood our discomfort. They ended up giving us a portable air conditioning system to put in our room towards our last few days staying there. The portable air conditioning system helped a bit.


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