A Christmas without my furnace

I just love the holiday season.

It seems like it is the one time of year that people are decent to each other.

Everyone is polite and wishes you well, and we even give gifts to one another to show our appreciation for each other. It seems like nothing can go wrong during the holiday season, and even if times are tough, we can find a way to endure through it. For instance, last year, we had a rough time with our HVAC units during Christmas. Everything was going well in our house, and the whole place had a warm, cozy feeling on Christmas Eve. However, during the night, while we were sleeping, the furnace stopped working. The children were the first ones to realize that the furnace wasn’t working. They immediately popped into our room, not yelling for presents, but begging for warmth. I tried to fix the furnace, but to know no avail. We had no way to get the furnace working. But I did have a backup plan. Long before furnaces and thermostats, people used fireplaces to keep their houses warm. Thankfully, though I have never used my fireplace before, I still had a functional source of heat. I lit the fire, and the house began to warm up without the furnace. It was a cozy and romantic atmosphere for presents that day, and I enjoyed the whole time. I figured that I could call the HVAC worker in a few days so that he could spend some time with his family during the holidays. Nobody wants to work on the holidays!

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