A muggy day

That is actually the earliest I have ever used the machine

I regularly try to save energy whenever possible. During the summer time months, I wait as long as I can before I turn on the a/c. I do not keep the temperature at a low level so the a/c runs non-stop. I run the a/c around 79°. So I do not have to worry about problems with mold and mildew. If it were not for the problems with the humidity, I actually would not bother to use an a/c at all. I happily turned off the oil furnace Last month and I was pretty enthusiastic about some sizzling weather that the two of us were going to have last weekend. I had the oil furnace off and I planned to open up the windows to let the breeze blow through the house. The site needed to be aired out after the stuffy winter, unblessedly, the weekend came around and it rained. It was too sizzling outside to run the heater, however it wasn’t quite sizzling enough to run the ac. It was entirely humid and muggy, so I had to keep the windows closed and turn on the a/c. That is actually the earliest I have ever used the machine. With the nights starting to get warmer and warmer each and every summer, it actually won’t be long until I have to start using the a/c in May instead of waiting until July. The planet is getting warmer and warmer and global warming is affecting everything and most people around us. If the two of us do not do something to stop the problem now, it will be too late and the two of us will all boil up in the atmosphere.

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