Dad can't install the heater

My dad called myself and others Last weekand he told myself and others that he was having some trouble with the furnace.

I told our dad a couple of things that he could try to service the problem.

I was off work late that afternoon, but I went to our parents beach house the following afternoon to see if I could lend a hand with the heating problem. My dad claimed to have fixed the problem, but the beach house was pretty cold even though the furnace was running. I told our dad that I was going to have a look at the machine. The furnace was in rough shape plus I told our dad it was time to think about a replacement. I gave our dad an bid for the costs plus he said he would call myself and others back. I did not hear from our dad for 3 afternoons. When he finally called, he told myself and others that he bought a furnace online. He was going to install the furnace on his own, despite the fact that he was hoping that I would be able to help out. I really do not understand why our dad ordered a furnace that he cannot install on his own. I wish he would have just ordered something from the company where I work. It would have been much easier because I would have had all of the parts plus supplies that I need for the replacement task. Now I have to figure out how to get this work done plus all of the rest of our work done. I wish our pops would have let myself and others handle things through the furnace repair service that employs me. I’m sure they would have given him some type of discount on the current furnace.


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