A sign to get a new a/c unit

For what seems like forever I have been planning on investing in a new air conditioning unit only for something to pop up to stop me from doing so.

  • No matter if it was having to spend my extra money on my car or vet bills, something always seemed to have come up.

I was starting to slowly give up on the idea that I would ever have a new air conditioning unit in my home until the other day while I was at a friends house watching a basketball game. During halftime my buddy took me into the kitchen to show me a new set of silverware he had picked up when I noticed that in the storage room there was a lovely looking air conditioning unit just sitting inside. Slightly confused, I asked my buddy why he was storing an a/c unit in his closet that seemed to be perfectly fine. Apparently the HVAC heating and cooling company that he had been working with for years had an influx of air conditioning units last month, and in order to keep inventory moving they gave out the latest models for half of what they cost. After he told me this information, he casually went on to tell me that I was free to load it up and take it home if I wanted to. Just as I had given up on ever getting a new a/c unit, my buddy had given me a high quality one without thinking twice about it! Now that I have my cooling problem out of the way I feel like a new man, one that can finally worry about other problems around the home that need to be fixed.