AC needs

I mean, I’m all for doing your own thing. It makes sense to me for almost everyone to do what makes them comfortable as long as it’s not hurting anyone. But I’m still constantly surprised each Springtime when I hear heat pumps come to life so early. It’s mid March as well as I know our neighbors to the north are getting pummeled again with more winter time weather. For sure, the gas heaters up there are getting some overtime pay, then yet in my neck of the woods, Springtime is on as well as in full. Everything is green or greening as well as there are blooms all around. The uneven temperatures have inched their way toward the higher 71’s but the weather is perfect. And yet, the air conditioner has begun for so many as well as it’s way too early. For sure, to each his or her own when it comes to comfort. But I’m not sure most of these folks are even uncomfortable. The air conditioner just comes on because they leave it on. It blows my mind. And it’s not just my neighbors who are getting in on the cooling already. I walked into our local grocery the other afternoon as well as it was freezing. The air conditioner was cranked as well as it was 75 degrees outside. I don’t know but these folks are already locking themselves inside the air conditioner? The weather is still so perfect. And my friend and I still have a couple of months to enjoy before you certainly do need that air conditioner. In our house, the windows are open as well as the screens are pulled. It’s fresh air time as well as my friend and I are so into it. Plus, getting acclimated to higher temperatures means we need less cooling from the heat pump once it certainly gets hot.


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