Adding radiant heating floors to the dining room

This coming winter, I am finally going to renovate my outdated dining room. We are going to tear down the outdated wallpaper and paint the walls over. We will get a new dining table set, china cabinet, and hardwood flooring. I have spent months finalizing the layout of the dining room and I finally have it. I was most unsure about what to do for a heating system. Because my dining room is quite far from the gas fireplace, it is never heated correctly. It seems as though the room is always drafty. It would be smart to add an additional heating method in the space. I started looking at ventless gas furnaces but I didn’t like how much space they took up in the room. There was simply no place that these fit into my blueprint designs for the room. I looked at a ductless mini split for the dining room but that mounts on the wall and would be in the way of our wall art. I started looking for smaller, more discreet heating options. That is how I found heated flooring; With this method the heating method is under the floorboards and doesn’t take up space. It operates out of electric heated mats, so no air is rising to the ceiling, there are no cold spots or operational noises… You just enjoy gentle, electric heat under your feet. Since our dining room is quite small, the heated flooring cost was quite minimal. I think I can afford to hire a professional HVAC supplier to do it.

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