Air purification systems are hard to find

A few years ago I decided that I was going to purchase an air purification system once I got my annual bonus.

I was tired of regularly sneezing, coughing plus feeling sick throughout the day.

I hated the way these allergies would flare up plus make me stuffy. I thoroughly researched UV air purifiers. I even talked to our local Heating and A/C company about the best 1. I then settled on a UV air purifier that installs right in the return ducts of my existing heating and cooling system. As air travels through the ductwork, the air purifier works on cleaning it and removing all dirt, dust, and odors. By the time the air is released through the vents, it is clean and allergen free. The only thing I would need to do is get yearly repairs on the machine from our Heating and A/C supplier. That didn’t seem too bad. When I got my bonus and scheduled an installation appointment, COVID happened. All companies shut down, so I was out of luck. I figured the virus would be fleeting and planned to call back to reschedule once it all blew over. I didn’t realize COVID would be a years long adventure. As soon as the heating and cooling company reopened, I called them up and tried to reschedule. Unfortunately, air purifiers were a hot commodity at this point. Because the virus travels through the air, many businesses and schools were buying air purifiers in mass quantities. After months of waiting, I still haven’t been able to get my hands on the air purifier I had in mind before the pandemic. I guess those of us with allergies just have to deal with it during this time.

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