Air purifiers aren’t just for health pandemics.

My husband had been talking about getting a whole-home air purification system when the COVID-19 pandemic first started.

When we didn’t get the air purifier installed in the first six months, he became less gung-ho about purchasing one.

Within six months, the idea of a whole home air purification system was completely forgotten. I got pregnant during the pandemic, and I asked him about the air purifier. I told my husband it would be good for the baby. We wouldn’t need to worry about there being any germs in the house, and our baby would be healthier. He blew me off, and ignored everything I had to say. When we went to the doctor’s, I asked his opinion on air purifiers. He thought they were good when you had a new baby. He told us that portable air conditioners were great when you had a designated area for the child, but a whole-home air purifier would be best. My husband thought I had set him up, but I hadn’t. I thought to ask the doctor about the air purification system when I got into his office. He can be as mad as he wants, but before the baby is born, we’ll have air purifiers because they aren’t just for health pandemics. I told him so when we were on the way home, and he said air purifiers were overrated. He didn’t say it loudly enough however. When Monday morning arrived, I was on the phone the second my husband got in the shower. I wanted them to send me information so I could tell my husband real facts about the air purifier and hopefully convince him it was the right thing to do.

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