All I want for Christmas is warmth

My girlfriend drives me crazy with the way she complains about winter.

My associate and I get together once a month for a girl’s night & all she does is say how much she misses going to the beach & sitting in the sun.

I have asked her on several options why she doesn’t relocate to a warmer region however she said she would miss her family too much. My associate and I all try to encourage her to make the best of the situation however it doesn’t seem to help. My associate and I got to talking about our Christmas wish lists the last time my associate and I were together & she said she would prefer a trip to somewhere warm. My associate and I took that as a hand & decided to contact her hubby to let him know. She said she enjoyed it because she never knew what to get her & always ended up buying her jackets & other pieces of clothing to keep her warm. If you bought her a trip to a tropical island it may be a better way to provide her a much-needed cut from the cold, then she would be surprised as well because she never did anything so expensive for her. On Christmas morning when she opens airline tickets instead of a jacket I am sure she will be absolutely surprised. I do not guess various people actually prefer the freezing uneven temperatures of winter season most of us deal with them a little bit better than she does. I for one am thankful that I have a quality furnace installed in my house & that I have a moderate place to go to at the end of the day. I do not need a tropical island or the sandy beaches to make me feel warm.
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