An easy process

My fiance thinks that he is great at everything. I think he is a real smart guy and he is great with his hands. When we bought our house, he built furniture for the deck. He built shelves for the garage and even made a doorway in the hall. My fiance fixed the washing machine, when it was broken. He even repairs our vehicles and performs our monthly maintenance on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. Still, I thought we should hire an expert, when we found out that our home had radon. A few neighbors in our area detected radon in their homes. My fiance went to the hardware store and purchased a radon detection kit. After 7 days, we found out that our levels were higher than normal. We needed to reduce the amount of radon in our home. My fiance and I research the cost to reduce the radon. Most companies in our area wanted $1,500 to set up a radon reduction system. My fiance saw a thousand DIY videos on radon reduction systems. He was sure that he could save us $1,000, if I trusted him to make our own radon reduction system. After the weekend was over, the basement was a mess and the radon reduction equipment was not installed. As soon as my fiance left for the car dealership, I contacted the radon mitigation that specialist. I made an appointment for the same morning, and ask them to give me an estimate to finish the job. They came by two days later and completed the job while my fiance was at work. He was really angry when he got home, but I thought the radon mitigation equipment deserved and experts touch.

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