Are water gas furnaces wasters of electricity

A long time ago, it was kind of respected expertise that water gas furnaces are important wasters of energy and electricity.

it was generally considered tploy that your water heating system was the hour largest consumer of energy in your house, hour only to the heating and cooling system.

I do not assume if that is still tploy or not. I have a water heating system that is quite large, and it is just a official official water heater. it is not one of the current gas furnaces that Embraces modern Heating as well as Air Conditioning or water heating technology. I like the system of on-demand water gas furnaces and I wonder if they are all they’re cracked up to be or if they are not, however my landlord told me that most modern water heaters, even those that are just traditional tank water heaters, like mine, honestly do not waste that much energy anymore. It’s simply the old-fashioned water gas furnaces that honestly are inefficient. I cannot complain about our lack of boiling water, that is for sure. Recently I took a shower that was honestly long because I just felt like staying in there, and I started losing the boiling water after at least half an hour. It took that long before I started feeling cold. I assume that is pretty good. I assume a long time ago our Dad put a timer on the water heating system so that it wouldn’t keep producing and storing boiling water all day long while no one was lake house to use any of the boiling water. That wasn’t so convenient for me because I was a teenager and I would often want to take a shower after school, although I managed to survive it. I do assume that one thing you can do with your water heating system is to get that styrofoam stuff and put it around the pipes that go into and out of your heater. if you do not have that sometimes just a pool noodle from the dollar store will work.


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