Arguing Over the Thermostat with a Pregnant Woman is Just Wrong

For most of my life I have been fat.

  • It wasn’t until I was forced to look in the mirror that I decided it was time to shed excess pounds.

My doctor told me that I needed to lose weight if I ever wanted to have a baby, although I thought that was hogwash. I knew women who weighed a lot more than I did, and they had no complications getting pregnant and having a healthy little one. I couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t be the same. He finally told me that I had to lose fifty pounds or pregnancy would elude me. I knew that I wanted to have a baby and I was to the point that I simply had to take his advice, including giving up the foods that I loved so much. Six months later, I had lost a lot of weight and I became pregnant. I knew that pregnancy was going to alter the weight loss although I didn’t guess that losing the weight was going to be worse than the pregnancy. I was ralphing every morning for the first 3 months. I was told that I would mind the heat and that I should expect to feel like I was carrying a heater instead of a baby. Instead of heat flashes, I felt like I was carrying an a/c. The doctor told me it was because of my weight loss. I was now turning off the air conditioner and wrapping up in sweaters. My spouse turned up the AC when I turned it off and the two of us ended up actually arguing over the thermostat. Instead of continuing to fight over the AC, he got me more blankets and heavy bathrobes to serve as replacements for the heater.

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