Be careful when purchasing a cheap, foreign HVAC unit

I thought that I was being very crafty when I decided to purchase my own central air conditioner.

I have always been suspicious that when an HVAC company purchased a central air conditioner for your house, they try to purchase the most expensive central air conditioner that they can find.

I have always been a thrifty person, and if I think that I can get a better deal on something, I will definitely try it out. When my central air conditioner stopped working, I told my HVAC technician that I would purchase my own air conditioner to have them install it. I did a lot of research about different HVAC units, and I found the air conditioner that I wanted for my house. The central air conditioner was way cheaper than the usual central air conditioner that I found online, and I believe that it had to do with the fact that this central air conditioner was made by a foreign country. Whenever you purchase an HVAC unit from a different country, you save a ton of money at first. However, I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for when it comes to HVAC units. Sure, the HVAC unit that I purchased was way cheaper, but it was hard for the HVAC technicians to install. Since then, whenever the HVAC technician has had to fix something, he struggles to work on it. It takes him longer, which costs me money. Also, since it is very cheap, it breaks down more often. Since the parts for the air conditioner are foreign, they cost a lot of money to ship. I definitely didn’t save money by purchasing this air conditioner online.


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