Being a janitor isn’t that bad

For over ten years, my sister and I have owned our own commercial cleaning company.  OUr first job was cleaning apartments in a building our brother managed. We went from apartment building to do commercial cleaning.  We are always growing our clientele and we know that we can handle it. What we couldn’t handle was when a competitor called us and asked us to come to lunch with him.  He wanted to have a business lunch. The man told us that he knew our business and he had an offer for us. He wanted to retire and he wanted us to take over all of his accounts.  I thought that he was trying to run a scam on us, but I was not so sure. I wanted time to dig into his profile, so I asked if we could have time to discuss his offer. In the meantime, we talked to our lawyer about the man and his business.  We were told he was an up and up business man and that he was retiring. He wanted to sell us his accounts which was what really worried me. Our lawyer said that it was just a way to tell us he wanted to offer us the business for a price. The accounts were part of the business.  We were so excited, we couldn’t talk. We accepted his accounts and thanked him for the opportunity. The first thing we did was to talk to all of the account owners. We wanted them to know we were now going to work with them. Only one of the clients refused our company. He wanted to work with men and not a bunch of little girls.

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