Burnt hair smell with the heater

Everytime my heater turned on it smelled like burnt hair. Have you ever smelled burning hair? It is horrendous. I used to procrastinate turning on the heater during the wintertime. I hated it so much. One season I just got it in my head that I needed to solve the problem. Not everyone has that burnt hair smell, so I shouldn’t have to. I started out by changing the air filter and cleaning the inside of the system. That didn’t do anything. Then I washed my walls, ceiling and floors hoping that the smell was being pulled into my ductwork. That didn’t do anything at all. I researched and thought maybe it was the inner workings of the HVAC that needed cleaning. I hired a guy for HVAC service and he did a good job. He cleaned, oiled and tightened loose parts. That didn’t fix my smell though. I finally called my HVAC company and asked them what the deal was. The receptionist was very knowledgeable and friendly. She immediately told me the issue was my ductwork. I had dirt and hair in my ducts. When the heater would turn on and blow through the ducts, it was actually burning the air. So I scheduled ductwork cleaning and had a guy come to my house within an hour. It took him no time at all and now I don’t have that icky smell anymore. It was worth every penny getting rid of that odor. I am now not afraid to turn on my heating machine. I used to not have people over in the wintertime.


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