Calling a heating and cooling provider was the answer

I walked into my home and saw my breath in front of my face. It happened just like that. That was my first clue that the gas furnace was not running. It was the only clue I needed to confirm that my associate and I needed some heating in the house. This was a few months ago as my associate and I were heading into the teeth of winter season weather. It was cold plus only going to get colder. As I was scrambling to figure out what was going on with the heating, I realized I needed HVAC repair work. That appointment I was supposed to schedule with the HVAC professionals didn’t happen. Letting this fall through the cracks was now going to bite me in my butt. So now, I’ve got a bit of self loathing going, as I get to the furnace and try to get it to reset or restart. Grasping straws is what I’m doing now. Still, I’m pretty fervent in my efforts to get the heating back on. That’s when I spy a fuse or switch thing that appears to be broken. The fact that I couldn’t identify the part should have been another clue that I had no business trying to repair the gas furnace. I started to try to get the part out of the equipment. Thankfully, my husband got home. He snapped me back into reality, reminding me I’m not an HVAC professional. I stopped what I was doing plus called the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier. The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker came out plus made short labor of the problem. Oh, plus it wasn’t the fuse or switch thing either.

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