Cancel Culture for Seniors

I’m sure Millennials and Gen Xers, Xennials, and Gen Zers are sick and tired of hearing us brag about the music of the 1960s, the glorified mass mud bath known as “Woodstock” and our paisley fashions. They fight back by digging up old photos of us wearing Nehru shirts and polyester leisure suits. There is even a new slang term “Ok Boomer” used as a reply when we start reminding them about how wonderful our era was. What concerns me most about the younger generations is their “cancel culture”. As I understand, it originated about three years ago and is described as the “popular practice of withdrawing support by canceling public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.” That sounds to me like an expanded version of “shunning” in Amish communities or the old Catholic practice of excommunication. So, cancel culture is nothing new. I only wish that there was a “cancel culture” that worked with my HVAC unit. My last energy bill was objectionable and offensive to me, but I could not cancel it for obvious reasons. I tried to use noise-canceling headphones to block out the noises coming from my 15-year-old HVAC system. I used odor-canceling air fresheners in the hopes of stopping the combined smells of our dog, our teenage son’s room, and whatever was coming from our HVAC vents. When my wife learned that I had canceled a recent HVAC cleaning and maintenance appointment and used the money to buy a sports streaming package, she was ready to cancel our 25-year-old marriage. I do pity the Gen Alphas born after 2012 because we Boomers will be older and crankier when we start telling them about the wonderful 1960s.

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