chilly weather

When I was in middle school, I dated a girl named jack. She was easily sweet and super cute. The two of us dated all through the 10th grade and then Jack’s dad got stationed to a new arena and Jack suddenly had to move. She left her number one sweatshirt with me that afternoon and I have constantly kept it in my room. I keep the sweatshirt on a hook above the radiator in my room. When the radiator is on and the heat is running, the sweatshirt gets unquestionably warm and then I will put it on before I go outside. It is my number one thing to wear when the weather is cold. The sweatshirt is gray and gold and has a tiger on the front of it. I don’t think there is unquestionably anything special about the sweatshirt other than the fact that it belonged to Jack. I love when the weather gets colder, because I can wear my number one sweatshirt. It’s far too heavy to wear while I was in the summer time months when the temperatures are close to 90 or 100°. When the summer time months are over and fall begins, I get rid of all of my shorts and I get out my jeans and my sweatshirt. The gray and gold tiger sweatshirt is the first a single that I pull out of the drawer and it’s the last thing I put in the hamper on laundry afternoon. I willwear the sweatshirt more than two or multiple times before I put it in the basket. The thing is so old and tired that I don’t like to throw it in the washing device unless it is unquestionably dirty or smells bad.

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