Church on sunday mornings

When I think back to my childhood, the first memory that pops into my head is heading to church with my family every single sunday.

Even though these are some of my most vivid memories however, I don’t really look back on these times fondly.

The church that we attended was one of the oldest churches in the entire country. Built in 1820, there really hasn’t been any updates done to the church even after all the years that have passed. One of the most important thing hasn’t changed, and that’s how they cool the church on the warm summer days. Instead of having a state of the art a/c system to cool you off, all that we had was an old and creaky ceiling fan hanging above us all. There was even a day where my sister had gotten so overheated that she passed out! Sadly, even that wasn’t able to convince the priest to install a new a/c system. My parents were also super strict about not missing church no matter what so they continued to drag us to that warm and miserable place each sunday. Now that I am a grown adult, I am so happy that I no longer have to deal with those warm and miserable days. I still go to church every so often, but I make sure that the church is well equipped with some state of the art a/c, along with a more laid back priest. If I am ever too busy to make it to church on sunday I can also just watch it on TV. Whenever I watch it on TV at least I know that I will be able to sit around in my air conditioned house!


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