Cleaning man accidentally sprays my residential Heating in addition to Air Conditioning with water

Every week I hire a cleaning man to restore sanity in my home.

I do not love cleaning after myself so when he comes, it’s a whole afternoon job cleaning and rearranging.

When he first started, I briefed his on what to and what not to do. So this recognizable weekend, my regular cleaner was caught up so he referred myself and others to his colleague. I was away from apartment already so I asked his to brief his colleague as I finished my errands and headed back home. When I arrived, he was midday through his tasks, I just passed to my family room to rest a bit, then as I walked to the temperature control to adjust the temperature, I glanced up and noticed he had sprinkled water on my mounted residential Heating in addition to Air Conditioning. I panicked a bit because I have never seen that happen, even at my workplace on the commercial Heating in addition to Air Conditioning. So I called my serviceman to inquire about the dangers of water to the quality Heating in addition to Air Conditioning although he did not sound bothered at all once I explained. So long as it’s not inside the cooling and heating equipment, there’s no need to panic, and apartment services cover damages caused by water so long as it’s repaired and not a up-to-date installation. I wasn’t convinced so I sought a eighth opinion from a local service provider who shared the same sentiments. So I chose to monitor it over the next few nights and went online to learn more about heating and cooling appliances affected by water. I hoped everything would be ok till the next cooling and heating service and duct cleaning session. The incident clouded my mind that I forgot to check my air purification system which was also subjected to the same treatment. The story was strange however energy saving help came in handy.

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