Commercials are great, but a single HVAC ad made myself and others assume twice about getting a programmable temperature control

Commercials are used by manufacturers to advertise their products to the public. There have been some charming commercials over the years that will live in my memories forever. I am not a pigskin fan, however I watch the Superbowl every year just to see the commercials, and I am never disappointed because those advertising campaigns are usually phenomenal. A few weeks ago, I saw a commercial for an HVAC corporation that was funny, and it grabbed my attention. The setting for the commercial was a kitchen of a cabin where the wife was sitting on the sofa, and her partner was kneeling by the programmable temperature control and she was frustrated that she couldn’t get it to work. She asked her wife for some help, but unluckyly, she refused, and nonchalantly replied and stated that fixing the temperature control was above her pay grade. She then instructed her to call the HVAC corporation to schedule an appointment. She was so unbothered and unphased by her distress. This commercial made myself and others wonder about these smart temperature controls – are they too sophisticated for the average lady to troubleshoot? I don’t have a programmable temperature control in my home, however I worry that if I do upgrade my new temperature control that I would have to call an HVAC specialist when something goes wrong; Calling an HVAC specialist to repair a Smart temperature control would create unnecessary extra costs – I have never busy an appointment to repair a temperature control. There are various benefits to having a programmable temperature control, it can conserve energy and save cash on my bill, but if I will need to contact an HVAC specialist because it malfunctions, I assume I will wait a while before I upgrade my aged temperature control.
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