Ductless air conditioner solves problem of overheated bedroom

For the first five years that I lived in my home, I complained over the comfort of the master bedroom. Because of the size of the windows, direction they face and a lack of sufficient vents, the room always felt overheated. If I adjusted the thermostat to cool the master bedroom to a pleasant temperature, the rest of the house was freezing cold. I’d either put a major strain on the air conditioner or turn the furnace way down. The rest of my family would then complain over the cold temperature in the house. In the summer months, I supplemented with portable fans and a window air conditioner. I hated losing the view from the window, the look of the air conditioner and the circulation of dust because of the fans. During the winter, I’d sweat profusely and have difficulty sleeping. I finally mentioned the problem to a local HVAC contractor. He suggested installing a ductless air conditioner into the master bedroom. The ductless system was not overly expensive, and the installation process was completed within a couple of hours. There was no need for renovation or huge mess. Other than a three-inch diameter hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity, the ductless unit required nothing but mounting capabilities. There is an exterior air compressor that links to a compact, indoor air handler mounted on the wall. I control the system either through a cordless remote or my smartphone, and am now able to target cooling to my specific bedroom without affecting the rest of the house.
Ductless mini split