Eight smart control units for me

I have an overheated water bottle, or bag, on my stomach and chest right now to try and sizzle me up.

I went for a swim in the sea and after getting out of the chilly water the chilly wind easily cooled me down a lot.

I am going to be at home for the next few hours sizzling up and getting my work done, and after that I am going to go out and see if I can find my friends. We have a lot more people in the village now and it’s tougher to locate my friends. The heating and A/C supplier is going full tilt now that the tourists are in the village and I’ll be working more on ducts and control units over the next few months. Those are the two things that I specialize in when I work at the shop, and this summer time is going to be the same as all of the other summers. I will do a lot of HEPA filter sales in the store and I will also do some inventory on heating and A/C systems for some of the time. We will be getting a lot of new devices soon and I am responsible for keeping track of it all when it arrives and sorting through it all to figure out what goes where on the shelves. We are getting a bunch of new smart control units and I am going to be the one who organizes them and programs them for the customers who buy them. I like my task and I am glad that I have a steady income.