Finally time to party

A few days ago I hosted the best party of the year.

Even though a few weeks have passed I am still getting compliments about how amazing the party was.

It’s still so funny for me to hear all of these compliments about how the party went, because looking back on it now it is clear to see that I was only one or two hours away from it being a total disaster. The day the party was set to happen I had only been living in my new home for less than a week. I didn’t know much about the appliances, the history of the home, nothing. I really should have done my research before moving in here, because I came to find out that the heating and cooling unit installed in the home was terribly old. I’m not talking about your typical heating and cooling system that your parents might have had growing up, I am talking much older. The day before the party happened, I woke up in the early morning to a very loud sound coming from the heating and cooling unit. Rather than taking a look at it myself or looking at videos on how to fix it, I just called the local HVAC heating and cooling company. I had my party that night, and I would rather have to buy a brand new unit than worry about fixing one on my own the entire day! Luckily for me, the HVAC man was able to get the unit up and running two hours before the party was set to begin. The house was able to cool off at last, and I was able to turn the party from potential disaster to one to remember!

New HVAC systems