Garage lacks cooling

My brother was having some car difficulty this past weekend and asked me over to help him take a look at it before spending hundreds of dollars at a car shop. I agreed, we are family after all and he’s had my back plenty of times before, and I went over to see if I could help. I don’t know as much about cars as he does, but in being there it meant he had an extra pair of hands to help when he needed it. Plus, it gave us some time to chat and catch up. The one downside to the evening was that we were working out in his garage which didn’t have an air conditioner. The house’s central air conditioning system wasn’t connected to the garage, and they had never bothered to install a portable AC unit since no one ever spent a lot of time out there. Without air conditioning the garage was quick to heat up, which made for unideal working conditions. Working with the car made us too greasy to step into the house’s cooling for a break, so we made do with opening a couple of cool beers instead. I can’t remember what the exact problem my brother found was, but unfortunately it wasn’t something we could handle on our own, since we didn’t have the right parts or tools, so even after all the work we put into it out in that hot garage without any air conditioning we still had to take it into the local car shop to have a professional mechanic handle the repair. It wasn’t the pleasant bonding time I had hoped for, but the fact I got to spend any time with my brother at all made it worth it in the end.

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