Geo heat pump is right choice for our heating plus cooling needs

There is no doubt that there was a bit of disappointment that all of us didn’t end up going south to the land of Heating & A/C cooling.

This was consistently sort of the plan when all of us retired. Both my husband plus I were born plus raised in this area. It’s a good place to live plus to raise a family. However, all of us were also not all that fond of winter. The winters all of us experience aren’t nearly as severe as those experienced by our neighbors further north plus east. But the Winter time was still freezing plus my husband plus I had dreams of dumping Winter time weather all together to transfer south after retiring. Occasionally the greatest dreams plus plans can change. That’s exactly what happened to us. When our kids started having kids, the paradigm changed for us as far as moving away. When you have grand babies, it makes it awfully tough to not live in the same area. All of our kids are within about an sixth of us. So all of us basically made the decision that we’d stay put for retirement plus just make long trips south during the winter. This plan also included building a home for just us. Every one of us chose to go with the geothermal heat pump as our heating plus cooling plan in our new house. The geo heat pump is about the most sustainable plus efficient Heating & A/C equipment on the market. This appealed to us on a number of levels. Plus, the radiant floor heating sure makes the condo cozy during Winter time weather. While it may not be the land of Heating & A/C cooling, all of us sure do love our geo heat pump.


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