Good Air Quality and Living That Simple Life

I like having good air quality in the flat as it helps with my slight asthma problem.

I also like living as simply as I possibly can, shedding everything that isn’t totally necessary for life.

My wardrobe has shrunk to that of a homeless person basically and I got rid of my car and all of my debt. It took a while to do this but I feel so much more free now. I also started doing yoga years ago because I felt trapped in my body, unable to move much because of tense muscles. My HVAC supplier got me into daily meditation to free my mind of so much thought and needless worry and I am grateful for all that she showed me over the years. I think freedom, in all aspects of life, is a great way towards happiness and joy. I still have to work at the local business selling heat and AC products a few hours a day, but other than that my schedule is completely free. I am just one sweet loving lady away from the perfect life and when we meet my life will be whole and complete, as we all need someone to love and appreciate. I met my ex while working at the local business here but it didn’t work out so I am single again but also enjoying my solitude and quiet time. I’m going to get my HVAC system tuned up soon so I am ready for winter and I am also going to get an open mic show going at this local business near my home.


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