Kerry contacted the HVAC company last month

About 4 months ago, Kerry switched jobs after landing an excellent opportunity.

She wasn’t actively looking for a new employer, but she also felt the need to send her CV out.

The company she worked for before had taken some hits during the pandemic and things were a bit shaky. This uncertainty prompted Kerry to send out some CVs and see if she might find a better job. Kerry was in luck since one company responded with an interview invitation which she aced. Next thing Kerry knew she was giving in her 2 weeks notice at her old job and relocating to a new area. Life has been good since she started her ner job and Kerry is getting to know the lay of the land. Last month, Kerry had to contact a HVAC company to send a Heating and AC technician to her home. She’d leased this amazing 2 bedroom house and had to have the AC inspected before summer. Kerry knew it’s important to service heating and cooling units before putting them into use. That way, the Heating and AC technician can fix any faulty parts. Also, they can help Kerry know which signs to check out for an efficient or faulty unit. Kerry is happy with the services she got from the HVAC company and has already gotten an HVAC service and repair plan from them. The HVAC repair and service plan comes with a 24-hour emergency agreement. This means Kerry can call for HVAC repair at any time, day or night, and won’t need to pay extra for night services. Plus, she’s also getting some amazing discounts for Heating and AC system repairs and parts.



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