Have you ever heard of SEO for HVAC?

My father was talking to an online website developer.

He came to me when he was done and asked if I had ever heard of SEO for HVAC? I chuckled and asked who told him about SEO? He gave me the name and said which company the man worked for. The man told him he owned an HVAC company, and he did SEO for HVAC during his time off. I explained SEO was search engine optimization. It was a way of adding keywords that would help your website to be found when people were doing searches for HVAC companies near them. My dad wanted to know why someone would work with an SEO company during their off time when they already owned an HVAC company? I couldn’t answer the question, but I was ready to ask one of my own. I wanted to know why he was calling a website developer and why he needed SEO. He showed me his website and told me he hadn’t had a single person contact him or look at the website since he had put it online. I tried to explain that he needed a landing page. There were no pages that would lead a prospective customer to a page where they could sign up for information. I showed him he had a broken link that needed that needed to be fixed before anyone was going to his website. He called the online website developer and asked him to make changes to his website, and said he would also like help with SEO on the website, and on social media websites.


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