He should have left the thermostat alone

At my place of work, people have been battling over the temperature control settings forever it seems.

  • Eventually it was getting out of control plus the boss told everybody not to mess with the temperature control settings any longer, but even though she said this, it seemed that not a single person listened since they continued to change up the temperature control settings! Finally, the boss decided to have a smart control device installed in the office which had a passcode so that nobody could change the temperature control settings for much longer.

This was working okay for a period of time, but I had a friend who just so happened to be a little bit of a hacker, she managed to hack the passcode and later on she was decreasing up the temperature control settings again, when the boss l received about what was happening, she was honestly furious. She monitored everybody in the job carefully plus ended up discovering that my friend was the one who severely hacked the smart control unit. She ended up getting fired plus the boss said she was fortunate that she was not pressing charges for him splitting into her climate system. I felt it wasn’t that big of an issue, however my friend was fired and she had to find a new task as soon as possible. She has a family to take care of and I thought it was ticked off how she lost her task. I assume my friend thought it wasn’t a huge issue either since every single person used to fight over the temperature control settings in the job properly. I think that everybody is going to have to be more careful about what they do at toil moving forward.

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