Helping my brother find a solution for his broken HVAC system

My brother Steven hasn’t been doing very well as of late.

He recently lost his job and his wife filed for divorce after they separated from each other for several months.

Steven is trying to keep in good spirits, but I know things have been quite rough on him. We had a conversation about his situation a while back, and he admitted that he was laid on his car payments. I wanted to help Steven because I knew that he would help me if I was in similar circumstances. I am his big sister after all. I decided to help him get current on his car payments and even made a couple payments in advance to help keep the heat off him for a while. Then I discovered that his HVAC system was quite faulty and not functioning properly. I paid to have an HVAC serviceman come out and take a look at it. We ended up getting pretty bad news about the HVAC system. It was on its way out and was not particularly salvageable in terms of repairs. The technician suggested a replacement but I didn’t have 10 grand lying around to replace my brother’s HVAC system for his house! I decided that I would buy him a window air conditioner instead for his bedroom and a couple ceiling fans for other parts of his house to help circulate the air and keep things cool. Steven is working to get a new job and I know things will turn out okay eventually.

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