Helping out our elders with HVAC

I’m glad that I live in a community where the older folks are respected and treated as the wonderful resource they are.

We’re all going to be there one day if we’re lucky.

But often, our retired and elderly community are marginalized a great deal. So when a simple HVAC issue was addressed like it was by my neighbors and I, it brought a smile to everyone. There is a lady who lives in our neighborhood who is sort of everyone’s grandma. From the kids to people my age, this lady is just so important to our lives with her kindness, good heart and better wisdom. However, many of us didn’t realize just how razor thin her fixed income truly was. This became very clear on one of the first days when the heat really spiked. I walked past her house and there was no familiar heat pump sound coming from her small house. This seemed puzzling but I sort of let it go. But from there on, I kept checking to see if that HVAC equipment was ever running. What I found out was that it definitely was not. This dear lady’s HVAC equipment had suffered a failure and she was unable to pay for HVAC repair. I found this out only by asking her directly. Well, that situation just didn’t sit right with me our my neighbors. So did something about it. We started raising money to replace the antiquated HVAC equipment in our dear neighbor’s house. The HVAC company even jumped in to help. They sold the HVAC equipment at cost and installed it for free. It was a spectacular sight to see when we surprised our neighborhood grandma with the gift of a new HVAC.

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