Helping the air quality 1 step at a time

My sister loves watching soap operas.

She watches them every day, yet I can’t wrap my head around them.

I never could understand what was going on in the shows. I remember watching one show with her, and they were coughing and sneezing pretty bad. I thought the cast was coming down with a cold or something. Then, I started experiencing the same thing. I knew I wasn’t sick, I first thought my allergies were flaring up, but then realized there was a bunch of dust floating in the air. I checked the air filter to the Heating & Air Conditioning system and saw that this was a huge part of the issue. I hadn’t changed the air filter in a while! So I switched out the air filter with a high quality pleated air filter. I noticed after I did that, the air quality started to get better in the house. I started to breath a lot better and I wasn’t coughing and sneezing for no reason. I didn’t want to suffer in my household because I wasn’t keeping up with the Heating & Air Conditioning method service. When I had the money, I then decided to go a step further and get the duct work cleaned out. I figured this would dramatically improve the air quality, and I could go a while before I had it all maintenanced again. After I did this, everybody started talking about how fresh my home was. It made me happy to hear the good word spread about my clean home.

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