How a simple HVAC professional had a front seat at the biggest scandal in town

I had never met a lady who wanted to sell her house as severely as Niecy wished to sell their family home. Niecy called the heating business and asked for urgent heater maintenance. I was the HVAC professional sent to do the job. When I got there, I met a beautiful contemporary home that I only saw in movies. The interior and heating equipment, however, were a different case. The decor was beautiful, but it showed evidence of neglect. After inspecting the house, I discovered that the disregard continued with the house’s upkeep. I informed Niecy that she would have to purchase a new heating device if she wanted help with indoor comfort. While most people would ask how much the heater and installation would cost, Niecy was not most people. She asked me how fast the HVAC supplier could deliver and finish the process. I told her that an HVAC serviceman would have to assess the house first to confirm a few things. When I mentioned a few electric heater brands she could consider, she told me to go with my pick as long it included a wireless thermostat. We installed the electric heat pump in that house in two days and included a HEPA filter. Our heating business gave the electric heating system the expertise required. It was only then that the story blew up. Nuecy had flown off to some remote Island with her daughter after selling his now ex-husband’s home and other things. The guy was the bottom-barrel kind, and everyone agreed that he deserved what he got. For a small town, it was the scandal of the century. Every social joint, including the barbershops, was discussing it.


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