How could this be?

I was really taken for a loop when I bought some generic air filters recently and after only 1 month the air filters needed to be changed! I could not believe my eyes on what I was seeing! The air filter was completely used up and I needed to put in a new one. In my entire life I had never seen air filters that were this cheap before. I guess this is what I get for buying generic air filters and trying to save a few bucks. I’m gonna use these horrible things up and then go back to the store in a few months and go back to buying the pricey but quality HEPA air filters! At least with HEPA air filters I could go a few months or more sometimes without needing to change them. Also with HEPA air filters they seemed to keep the indoor air quality a lot cleaner as well. With a lot of things, generic can be just as good as the name brand. But when it comes to air filters for your central heating and air conditioning system I am seeing that this is not the case what so ever. Generic air filters are worth nothing more than your local garbage can! This is my finding and I am wanting to communicate this with everyone out there who is reading this. Save yourself a lot of headaches and don’t be cheap when it comes to your air filters. Because in the long run, you are going to be spending the exact same amount anyway!

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