How impressed I was with my HVAC system

I’m not sure what I was thinking when we needed to get a new heating and cooling system.

  • I thought it was replacing one kind of HVAC unit with another.

I didn’t certainly provide it all that much thought, and the evening that the HVAC supplier came over, my wife ran that show! She had done all the due diligence when it came to replacing the HVAC unit, then that was awesome as well as I enjoyed it. At the time, I was overwhelmed with labor inside the commercial system of the office. My wife knew what she was talking about as well as was able to ask the company relevant questions. I was certainly a bit tuned out. I also knew that my wife would do a great job. That’s a great thing to be in this sort of partnership, we have each other’s backs. She and I settled on the new heating and cooling unit, and came to financial terms as well. It was nice that we were sticking with the supplier that had been with us for all this time. I’m not sure we even considered going with any other corporation. Once the expensive new system was installed, everything would be back to normal, right? That was not the case at all. I’m completely blown away by this new technology! It’s like a whole new house! Having zone controlled HVAC is incredible, because I like a bit more air conditioner in my study, and the smart control unit takes care of everything else!

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