Humidity Issues at Work

I really love my job.

I have had many jobs throughout my lifetime that I have not particularly enjoyed, and I am so glad that I actually love my job now.

I have great co-workers and an amazing employer. I have been with my this company for almost four years now which is not very long, but I think, it is long enough to gage that I will probably be here for the rest of my career because of how much I love my job. The office that I moved into last year in on a different side of the building, and that side does not have the best air conditioning. The company has tried to get it fixed a couple of times, but it just ends up not working well again after about a month or so of use. I do not mind the office being a little bit warmer because when I worked on the other side of the building, I froze from the air conditioning. It was so cold. The air conditioner almost worked too well. The one thing that I do not enjoy about not having good air conditioner is the humidity. It is honestly very humid where I live, and if you do not have air conditioning, it is very humid indoors as well. My hair is really curly, and it hates humidity. I would be in the office for only about an hour, and my hair would be crazy from the humidity. I decided that I would buy a dehumidifier and see if that would help with my humidity and hair problems. It sure has done wonders! I wish that I would have bought a dehumidifier sooner, but better late than never!

Air conditioning technician