HVAC condition

I have a personality of extremes; one that swings from one point to another.

I will get super strict about my eating habits, for example, and start hitting the gym hard many times a week; And then something will shift, I can’t say how or why. It might be a few weeks, or many months. Then I will go the other extreme, stop working out altogether, and begin eating like crazy! This is true in basically every aspect of our life, so it might actually be a mental disorder.. Weeks ago, my shifting between extremes has been triggered by our climate control plan of all things. It is destroying my home life. I am just finding it impossible to find just the precise balance between heating and cooling. When the air conditioner is on, that cool air blowing across my pale skin feels like a sheet of ice. Literally It’s as though I am getting frostbite. When I turn it off, I immediately start getting hot and within a half hour I am perspiring profusely. I don’t mean that I switch on the oil furnace, I mean the sheer absence of A/C starts making me overheat.So what am I supposed to do, turn on the A/C and freeze, or leave it off and slowly roast to death appreciate a chicken? I have been playing around with some variations, and I think that maybe if I switch off the cooling but keep the fans of the Heating & A/C plan running that might just get the job done.

furnace/heater installation