HVAC fan won’t turn off

I am a very light sleeper.

It’s so bad that I feel like I can hear a pin drop in the kitchen when I am trying to sleep.

So I can’t really sleep well when my boyfriend is over at my house but I try my best. He always laughs because he is such a deep sleeper that even shaking him sometimes won’t wake him up. Last week while I was over at his house, his HVAC fan wouldn’t turn off in the middle of the night. My boyfriend lives with four other guys so I didn’t want to wake them up over the HVAC system, but I knew if I didn’t get the HVAC system turned off now that I wouldn’t be able to sleep the entire night. So I tried to calmly wake up my boyfriend to see if he could help me with the HVAC fan, but he wasn’t moving. So I decided to walk out into the living room where their thermostat is located to see if I could figure out the HVAC system on my own. Well thankfully, one of the guys ended up getting up to go to the bathroom so he was able to help me turn off the HVAC fan and I was able to actually fall asleep for a few hours and woke up feeling much better. I told my boyfriend about the whole HVAC issue and we were laughing that he was able to sleep through the whole thing.


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