Hydronic heating is the answer

I would eat my food in the meantime while the radiant heated floors were heating up

It takes myself 2 hours on the road to get to my job, and this is why I get up at 4am every single day, which is tough, but the job pays well so I go and do it… Things can get to be a real hassle in the Wintertime part of the year because it is so cold. And when it is cold and freezing, it takes myself and others who live in my household much longer to shower and get going in the early morning. This is why after a few years of dealing with this, I ended up investing in radiant heated floors for my bathroom. I can tell you for sure that having radiant heated floors made it so I could wake up and not be so darn freezing when I went to take a shower every single day of my life. I would have the thermostat on the wall’s control device for the radiant heated floors set at a high temperature of 78 degrees about a half hour before I would get in the shower. I would eat my food in the meantime while the radiant heated floors were heating up. I used to run a area oil styled space heater in the bathroom, but, it gets so cold in the Winter months here, that the area oil styled space heater doesn’t always work very well at all. These radiant heated floors easily heat that bathroom up as if it is the spring time months; You would have no thought or clue on the entire whole planet that it is periodically below 0 outside. This is all thanks to the nice investment I decided to made into the big old heated radiant floors in my bathroom! It took myself and others in my family a while to save up to get these radiant heated floors; But now I got them I am so happy about it all!


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