I decided a new home needs to be built

I run a small dance studio that is situated in the basement of a local grocery store.

I rent the space very cheap since it is in such poor condition. The floor tiles are peeling up and ceiling tiles tend to fall down. The whole space is outdated and the lights are always blowing. The worst part is the boiler installed into the utility closet. When the boiler operates, it is very helpful. My dance students enjoy ideal heating the whole lesson. My studio is right by the boiler so the space gets heated first. However, the boiler very seldom is running properly. Approximately once a year, I will arrive at the studio and find the space covered in a layer of dirty water. The water is usually about an inch deep and muddy. This means that the boiler system has malfunctioned again. Typically, a piece of piping cracks or entirely breaks. The water drains out, the boiler quits and a lot of work begins. I need to rush pump up the water and clean before my lessons. I then beg for help from the grocery store workers. The call the store owner and ask permission to work on the basement. Then I beg the store owner to call an HVAC professional to get the boiler fixed. I know that it will take at least a couple of weeks before anything gets done. It has happened so frequently that I am surprised the boiler is still operational. How are there still pieces of pipe left to crack? Why has the grocery store not updated the boiler system in the last twelve years? It’s time for a new a heating system.


a/c workman