I do it by feel

When I was born, I was born with a condition in which I can only see in shades of black, white and grey. My eyes just never developed the ability to detect any kind of color. Because of this, my other senses have become even better. I can still see, but with eyesight that is not quite up to par as other people. It is nice to know that I can rely on my other senses. For example, if a stove top was red, you would know not to touch it or you would get burned. I would be unable to see that red color plus therefore would be more susceptible to being hurt by it. However, our sense of touch has become entirely strong so that I would feel the heat radiating from the stove top before I even lifted my palm towards it. This can also have its setbacks however, like in the winter, I get frosty real easily. To combat this problem, I have a very strong furnace as a part of our Heating plus Air Conditioning device. I also have a heavy duty air conditioner for the warmer parts of the year. If either the air conditioner or the furnace were to no longer work, I would be able to tell almost right away. This means I do not need one of those smart HVAC units to connect to our phone, kindle or computer because I can feel the temperature myself, I do not even need to look at the screen to tell when it needs changing.
HVAC equipment