I do not need my air conditioner when it gets cold at night

The weather’s been shifting a lot in my section over the past few weeks.

It was really hot for 3 months straight as my pal and I were deluged with intense Summer weather.

It was strenuous for me to manage because I ride my bike to work and I was covered in sweat on my way every day and I am on my way back in the afternoon. I have to bring a change of clothes with me every time so that I have a fresh pair to wear out of the lavatory and into the office every day. The worst afternoons to be riding my bike to work are the afternoons where it rains outside, and luckily I have a rain poncho for afternoons like this. Right now I am cheerful because temperatures are getting a little cooler, then we’re coming out of a hot Summer and it was excruciatingly hot some afternoons. Right now it’s getting cold at night so I do not have to run my air conditioner in my condo nearly as much after it gets dark outside. When it’s cold enough like this outside, I do not need my air conditioner regardless of how hot it is in this region. I’ve heard it’s like this in the desert too. It might get really hot during the day, however then it gets cool at night! So if you are using your air conditioner a lot in the afternoon, you won’t need the air conditioner nearly as much at night. Take a cut from using the air conditioner all the time. And naturally my energy bill drops and I am not using my air conditioner all day long everyday too.

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