My Grandfatherrents don't think in the concept of air conditioning

My Grandfatherrents are harshly old-fashioned individuals.

They did not even own a TV until 15 years ago, which meant that my dad as well as my aunts as well as uncles had to grow up without access to something fundamentally ubiquitous. They only had a radio as well as their childhood home, so my dad’s exposure to TV was limited to his friends’ homes. As you can even come on my dad was eager to spend as much time at his friends’ houses as he possibly could, then he was consistently as respectful as he possibly could be around his friends as well as their parents so that he’d be allowed to come back over or invited to go on outings. I learned a few years after I learned that my Grandfatherrents shunned the concept of air conditioning; Right after I turned five was when I first started to visit them at their house. Is why it was so overheated inside until my dad told me one day randomly. He said that my Grandfatherrents don’t think in the concept of air conditioning as well as that is why the inside of their apartment feels so muggy as well as hot. He says it’s a shame because they allow them all to grow inside as well as don’t easily do anything about it. They should be using air conditioning or at least a humidifier. That way they could prevent growth or water detriment. All that humidity in the indoor air is going to lead to excruciatingly bad respiratory symptoms too. I could not survive in a apartment like that. I would need some kind of a/c or dehumidifier running to drop the ambient humidity level to some degree.

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