I figured out how to make the sound stop

Right now, all the people in our family is working from home.

My partner uses the spare study room as his office.

He needs absolute plus total silence plus an environment that is not filled with chaos. I work when I want to work plus I make our own schedule, so I don’t have to worry so much about our schedule. Both our child plus our child have been living at beach apartment since the start of the quarantine. They both work from beach apartment in the medical transcription industry. During the day when all of us are online, the internet can be slow. Occasionally I care about to work in the garage, because that is where the signal is the best. Our router is situated in the garage plus the antenna is there as well, however just a handful of days after I started working in the garage, I started hearing a sound that was coming from the cooling system. The sound did not bother myself and others at first, however it got louder plus louder as the days went by. Eventually I turned off our computer plus the HVAC unit, so I could inspect the noise. I saw a piece of metal that looked care about it could be the reason for the sound. I took a piece of tape plus I wrapped it around the piece of metal inside of the HVAC unit. I easily did not think if the metal was pressing or not, however it did not look care about I would cause any harm by wrapping it with tape. I put the device back together plus the sound is still there, however it’s much less noisy.

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