The basketball game went an extra quarter

High School athletic activitys are a little bit different than professional athletic activitys, but for basketball, the high university team will play until there is a winner. There are no ties. If the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter. The teenagers play a shorter second quarter until the clock buzzes. Both of our sons play basketball for the high university team here in town. Some games are beach apartment plus some of the games are away. When there are away games, both of us have to travel if both of us want to watch the guys play. I have never missed a game. I try to leave early so I can get there before the team. I help the booster club sell t-shirts, hats, plus game day concessions. Last Monday evening the game was a 90-minute drive from our home. This particular university is the farthest location from our beach apartment for games. The away game went into a second quarter of play plus both of us did not leave the city until it was after 10:00 p.m. It was already easily chilly plus icy outside by the time both of us got into the car to drive home. Thank goodness both of us have a great gas furnace in the car. The temperatures were around 20° that evening. It started snowing A few miles before both of us got home. As soon as both of us got to the apartment I adjusted the heat inside so all of us would be warmer for the remainder of the evening. I made some hot chocolate cups for the teenagers plus then all the people went to bed for the evening.

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